Adaskin String Quartet

Aeolus String Quartet
Afiara String Quartet
Ahn Trio

Aizuri Quartet
Alexander String Quartet
American String Quartet
Amphion String Quartet
Angeles String Quartet
Annapolis Brass Quintet

Argus Quartet
Arianna String Quartet
Athens Guitar Trio
Audubon Quartet
Aulos Ensemble

Avalon String Quartet


     Fridman Trio
Beacon Brass Quintet
Biava String Quartet
Boehm Quintette
Borealis Wind Quintet
Borromeo String Quartet

Brass Ring
Brentano String Quartet

Carducci String Quartet
Cassatt String Quartet
Cavani String Quartet
Chester String Quartet
Chiara String Quartet
Chilingirian Quartet
Claremont Trio
Cleveland Quartet
Ciompi Quartet
Colorado String Quartet

Composers String Quartet
Concord String Quartet
Cypress String Quartet
Corigliano Quartet
Daedalus String Quartet
Dorian Wind Quintet
Dolce Suono Trio
Donald Sinta Quartet
Eastern Brass Quintet

Ensō String Quartet
Eroica Trio
Escher String Quartet

Finckel and Hahn
Franciscan Quartet
Gryphon Trio

Harada and Thomopoulos
Harlem Quartet
Horszowski Piano Trio

Imani Winds
Jacques Thibaud Trio
Jasper String Quartet
Johannes String Quartet
The Jubal Trio
Kreuzberger Quartet
Lark Quartet
Leipzig String Quartet
Linden String Quartet
Leontovich Quartet

Ludwig Quartet

Lysander Piano Trio
Magellan String Quartet
Manhattan Brass Quintet
Manhattan Quartet
Mannes Trio
Meliore Quartet
Meridian Arts

Meridian String Quartet
Miami String Quartet
Miro String Quartet
Moscow String Quartet
Muir String Quartet
The Music Project
New World Quartet
New York Philomusica

NY Vocal Arts Ensemble
New Zealand String Qt.

Omer Quartet
Orion String Quartet
Osiris Piano Trio
The Olivia Ensemble
Parker String Quartet
Peabody Trio

​Poulenc Trio

Prima Trio

Princeton Ensemble

Prima Trio
Primavera String Quartet

REBEL: Baroque Ensemble
Ridge String Quartet
Rosamonde Quartet

Rosenfeld-Martin-Goode Trio
Sartory Trio
St. Lawrence String Quartet
St.Petersburg Str Quartet
Saturday Brass Quintet
Sequenza Trio
Shanghai Quartet
Solid Brass
Sunrise Piano Quartet
Takacs String Quartet
Tokyo String Quartet
Trio Cavatina
Trio ConBrio Copenhagen
Trio Solaris

Trio Valtorna
Vega String Quartet
Vienna Piano Trio
Voxare String Quartet
Weiss-Kaplan-Newman Trio
Whitman String Quartet

Yale Festival Quartet

Ying Quartet

Zarzeczna-Steck-Zenone Trio



Melissa Bohl, Chair

Scott Burnham

Robin Connerat

Martha Cook Davidson

​Bob Ellis

Philip Haimm

Olga Hasty

Ruth Ochs

Bob Pollack

David Rittenhouse

Irina Rivkin

Haim Soicher​​

Caryl Tipton,

Concert Manager


Founded in 1968 by music journalist, pianist and cellist, Barbara Sand, the Princeton University Summer Chamber Concerts were first offered in the North Court of the Graduate College and were later moved to its main court.  In the early years, Ms. Sand readied the space by pruning tree branches.  She recruited local children to sell lemonade and collect contributions.  Sometimes children perched in the trees to hear the music.  Listeners sat on the lawn with blankets and picnic baskets.

In 1991, because of renovations at the Graduate College as well as the inconvenience of insects, poor acoustics and lack of air conditioning, the concerts moved to Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall, on the the campus of Princeton University.

For over fifty years, the goal of the Summer Chamber Concerts has been to provide chamber music performances of the highest caliber, free of charge, for everyone to enjoy -- young and old, families and students, music lovers all.  From the beginning, the concerts have also given young professional musicians a chance to perform.  Some of the early, fledgling groups that have since become renowned international chamber music ensembles include the Emerson, Shanghai and Tokyo String Quartets.

Princeton University

Summer Chamber Concerts